Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of hair extensions does Angel Xin offers?

We offer 100% human hair extensions. They can be "braided" on or "clipped" on.

What is the difference of the braiding technique and clip-on technique?

Clip-on technique can only last for 3 months whereas the braiding technique can last you for 6 months. In terms of comfort level, the braiding technique is much more comfortable than clip-on technique.

Can I still wash my hair as per normal?

Yes you may. Treat the hair extensions as your own. You may wash, cut, straighten, curl or treat it. Its just like your own hair!

Will the hair extensions drop?

They will last for 4 - 6 months with proper care. Hair extension seldom drops unless you pull it with a certain force.

Where are the human hair extensions from?

From less well-off countries. They sell their hair to earn a living. However, these hair are being sterilized and gone through chemical process (such as dye, rebond or curl) before they are eligible to sell them in the hair extension MARKET.

My hair is permed, will the extensions match my perm?

Not to worry. Our hair extensions vary from straight to curly hair.

How long does the entire process takes?

It depends on how many strands you are putting. Usually 1 - 3 hours for a rough gauge.


How many strands does my hair need?

If your hair is not excessively thick and short, you may need around 100 - 200 strands for a full head effect.


What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a cluster of synthetic hairs that can be attached one by one to the natural lash of the eyes to make it look fuller, longer and more beautiful. Special glue is used to BOND the extensions to the natural lashes.


Why should I get eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions make your eyes bigger and more noticeable. It cuts down on your beauty regimen time because it eliminates the need for mascara or even eyeliners.


How are the eyelash extensions applied?

The eyelash extensions are attached cluster-by-cluster on top of your natural lash by a special glue.


How long does an eyelash extension take to be put on?

30 - 45 minutes


How long do the eyelash extensions last?

Approximately 2-4 weeks if you are careful with them. Your natural eyelashes have 25-28 days life span, so when they fall off, the extensions attached to them will also fall off.


Can I continue wearing eye makeup?

Yes, you can. Remember to remove eye make-up on an upward stroke to prevent residual make-up build-up on the eyelashes. This may reduce the effectiveness of the glue.


Can I curl or perm eyelash extensions?

No, you will only damage your extensions if you use ordinary clamp eyelash curlers on them. Rest assured that they will stay beautifully curled without the need for curlers.


Can the eyelash extensions be removed?

Yes, there are glue removers that are safe and won’t cause any pain at all. They can be removed easily by our specialists without hurting your eyes or any part of your face.